Terms of Service

General Terms

Culture Attractions Ltd. is the company behind the Mingalarbar balloon and will take responsibility of any issue regarding the Mingalarbar Balloon.

Culture Attractions Ltd. reserves all the rights to cancel flights or change the schedules if issues like bad weather conditions or operational problems arise. See cancellation and refund Policies for more information in these cases.

Culture Attractions Ltd. reserves the right to alter, revise or review any terms, conditions or rates. Bookings done with previous rates will be respected.

Culture Attractions Ltd. office is located in (Yangon) at No.44, Myaing Hay Wun Housing(Near Juction 8), Kyaik Wine Pagoda Road,8-miles,Mayangone Township,Yangon, Myanmar.

Contact numbers:

  • 09420383815
  • 09425843133
  • 09425843134

Culture Attractions Ltd. accepts payments on-site and at the main office in cash (currencies: $ and MMK) and credit/debit cards.



We prevent people in the following situations to ride the balloon.

  • People with hypertension, heart diseases, acrophobia, epilepsy or other critical diseases
  • Senior people who are not physically fit for flying
  • Children under 5 years old
  • Pregnant ladies

If a customer, under this situation insists in flying, he/she needs to sign a disclaimer before taking-off. Culture Attractions Ltd. will not hold any responsibility if something out of the scope of our insurance (see next point) happens to people in these conditions.

Culture Attractions Ltd. has insurance for accidents or injuries that happens during the flight on the balloon and in the selling building next to the balloon.


Prices and tariffs

Mingalarbar Balloon attraction holds different tariffs depending on age, category and season.

Children under 5 years old cannot ride the balloon unless a disclaimer is signed exempting Culture Attractions Ltd of any responsibility. Children between 5 years old and 12 will pay 50% of the price that an adult in the same category would pay. Children of 13 years old or older would pay the full price of their category.

There are two different categories: foreigner and local. Different prices apply to these categories.

There are two different seasons: Green season (from April to September, both months included) and High season (from October to March, both months included).

To calculate the price that applies to your situation, please check the category “Pricing & More Info” .


Booking terms

Online bookings will be available ONLY in High season. We cannot guarantee online bookings in Green Season due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Flight time will be provided just in High season. In Green Season tickets will be issued on site or by third partners and for a day. If customer cannot use it during that day due to bad weather conditions, they will have the chance to come during the following 30 days to use their ticket.

The online reservation needs to be done at least 2 hours before the flying time.

There is the possibility of buying tickets on site with cash payment for “next flight” if there is availability and booking for future days as you would do it online.

On site selling is available during the whole year if the weather conditions are suitable for flying.

We strongly advise online bookings for flights in premium times (sunrise and sunset) and for large groups of people (more than 5).

Bookings won´t be secured until the payment has been received.

For agents and special partners, the conditions signed in the contract prevail for any given situation.

The data provided for the booking is private and will not be shared with third parties.


Charter flights

For anyone who would like to enjoy an exclusive private flight, we offer personalised services with additional charges. Contact us for more information through the contact area or by calling us.


Cancellation & Refund Policies

(1) Our Operation Team reserves the right to cancel the flight due to bad weather conditions, maintenance reasons or operational problems. In case of cancellation for those matters, Culture Attractions ltd. will fully refund the ticket or postpone the flight time as per customer’s wish only if we cannot operate the flight within one hour after the booked time.

Refund in this case will be provided on-site in cash and in Kyats (MMK) for on-site bookings.

(2) If the customer has booked the flight online and wants to cancel it for any reason, full refund will be provided for cancellations 24 hours prior notice to flight departure through the website or by calling to our offices. We will not refund these situations on-site.

(3) If a customer has bought the ticket on site and wants to cancel the flight for any reason out of Culture Attractions Ltd responsibility, it will not be allowed. However, we would be happy to change the flight for another time/day (applies to HIGH SEASON) if the customer requests the option 30 minutes prior to the departing time of the flight booked.

(4) If the customer arrives late to the booked flight, the customer will be allowed to board on one of the following flights of THAT SAME DAY, only in the event that there is available space for him/her.