Schedule, pricing and more tour information


In perfect weather conditions we will fly from morning to after sunset 10.00 AM first flight and 6.00 PM the last flight. Each flight will be around 15-20 minutes and with a maximum capacity of 15 people.

The schedule is subject to weather conditions so we won’t hesitate to cancel a flight if weather conditions aren’t suitable. Your safety and security always come first!  When we cancel a flight, we will rebook passengers on the earliest available spaces on the same day or next day. Refunds are available in case the passenger isn’t available for the new rebooked time.

During the rainy season, from 1st June to 30th September, only on-site booking will be available since the weather conditions are too unpredictable. So if you are in Yangon in this dates and the weather looks nice, just come on site and don’t miss the best views in town and this exciting experience!

Mingalarbar Balloon reached a maximum height of 400 feet (100 meters aprox) under good weather conditions. However, we will consider the service fully provided and therefore we will charge the full price if we manage to stay at least 15 minutes in the air and reach a height of 200 feet (50 meters aprox). In case we don’t reach these thresholds, we will offer another ride or we’ll refund the full amount paid.


The price for adults is 22 USD. For Children of 12 years old or below, the price will be 11 USD.

Calculate your price! Send us your Booking Enquiry.

For special events like birthdays, exclusive shootings or private dinners on site, please contact us for a quote.