About Us

Culture Attractions Ltd. is the company in charge of managing the Mingalarbar balloon flying over Yangon. We are a venture company formed by local and international owners with many years of experience in the tourism industry.

With this project, the Tethered Helium Balloon over Yangon and the next projects that will come (two more Helium Balloons over Bagan), we aim to help Myanmar become a world class destination in Asia and in the world.

Aware that tourism in poor countries like Myanmar can create huge discrepancies in society, we want to position ourselves in the spectrum of responsible tourism companies that will try to ensure economic development in the country while taking care of and enhancing the beautiful resources that can be found all over Myanmar, and maintaining our most rooted traditions.

And here below you can meet the great team that will make that possible!

Meet The Mingalarbar Team

Thanks so much and see you on the balloon! 😉