Stunning views of Shwedagon pagoda and downtown Yangon!

Our Eureka moment!

  • One day is enough for Yangon.
  • Shwedagon pagoda is the only WOW! thing to see in Yangon.
  •   “I would have loved to ride the balloon over Bagan but it was too expensive…

We have heard these points from tourists many times.  So we came up with a fantastic solution!

First, we have created a unique attraction in Yangon to make your stay in the city more special.


Mingalarbar Balloon Top view

Second, we know you love Shwedagon pagoda. We love it too! It’s truly a wonder of the world.  If it’s special to be next to it, wouldn’t it be magical to have a view of the entire city crowned with the Golden monument?  We will give you a hint…  it is 🙂

Balloon, Yangon and Pagoda


Third, of course you will go to Bagan and will see those balloons flying on the horizon. You’ll probably dream of being up there until you get to know the price 😮   We’ve solved that problem too! Our balloon ride is much more affordable!


Balloon on ground, Yangon and Pagoda


Introducing the Mingalarbar Balloon!

A unique attraction in the centre of Yangon where you will get the best, most beautiful view of the largest city and economical centre of Myanmar and its historic, cultural sites.


Technical details

The balloon has been manufactured in United States and installed under the supervision of specialised and experienced staff.

The Mingalarbar Balloon is filled with helium, a gas with less density than air that will make the balloon ascend until a height of 400 ft (120 meters). It is attached to a steel cable that will hold it at the referred height and will be in charge of pulling the balloon down to ground again.
You want more? Check below more data about our balloon:

  • The balloon has a diameter of 19.1 meters and a volume of 3,670 m3.
  • A Bladder separates the balloon in two compartments. The bladder can rise and fall to adjust to the helium fill and allows for expansion and contraction of the helium gas when temperature changes.
  • The larger compartment is the helium cell which holds the helium.
  • The smaller, lower compartment, with 15% of the volume is the Ballonet, which contains ambient air under pressure.
  • To maintain the shape of the balloon and keep it rigid against wind force, the air in the ballonet is pressurized by a ballonet fan.



Did we manage to convince you to get on board?

If you want more information, prices and schedules, go to the Pricing & More Info page. We hope you enjoy the journey! 😉